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On the Modified Klein-Gordon Equation Used to Discuss Heatons Induced by Attosecond Laser Pulses
J. Marciak–Kozlowska and M. Kozlowski

In this paper the dynamics of the interaction of attosecond laser pulses with matter is investigated. It will be shown that the master equation, the modified Klein-Gordon (MK-G) equation, describes the propagation of the thermal wave packets, or heatons. When the duration of the laser pulses, Δt, was of the order of an attosecond the heaton thermal wave packets are non-dispersive objects. For Δt → ∞ the heatons were damped with a damping factor of the order of the relaxation time for the thermal processes.

Keywords: Heatons, attosecond laser pulses, temperature fields, modified Klein-Gordon equation

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