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Laser Calorimetry in Action: Classical versus Quantum Physics?
M. Oane

In the last ten years two main models devoted to experimentalists working in the field of heat transfer where developed by the so called Warsaw Group and the Bucharest Group. Both models try to avoid the much heavily used numerical methods and have instead analytical or semi-analytical solutions, as well as physical interpretations of the experimental data. We conclude that both models are compatible. For the question regarding classical versus quantum physics, the answer was found to be that both theories were certainly semi-classical. The Bucharest heat model strongly suggests that the heaton is a reality of our world and not just a mathematical tool. From the point of view of the Einstein-Bohr debate, the answer is that in reality there is actually a mix between classical and quantum physics.

Keywords: Classical physics, quantum physics, laser calorimetry, heat equations, integral transform technique, heatons 1

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