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A CO2 Laser Texturing Device Accomplished Through the Use of a Polygon Scanner for Beam Modulation
L. Zhou, P-F. Chen, Y. Wang and X. Luo

We propose in this paper a CO2 laser texturing device, aiming to texture mill roller surface with multiple texturing heads to significantly reduce processing time and improve surface texturing quality. We use a rotating polygon scanner as the beam modulator to turn a high power continuous wave (CW) CO2 laser beam into multiple laser pulse beams and then simultaneously texture the surface of a mill roller. The repetition rate of the laser pulse beams can be 1½ to 3 times that of the current reported results for each texturing head. Approximately round textured craters with a diameter of 0.15 mm and spot density of 36 spot/mm2 can be obtained for the high speed machining of the mill roller surface.

Keywords: CO2 laser texturing, beam modulation, polygon scanner, repetition rate, round textured crater, mill roller

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