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Microstructure and Tribological Properties of TiCN-containing Composite Coatings Produced on Pure Ti Substrate by Laser Surface Alloying
C. Guo, J-S. Zhou, J-R. Zhao, Y-J. Yu, H-D. Zhou and J-M. Chen

TiCN-containing composite coatings were fabricated on pure Ti substrates by laser surface alloying with pre-placed TiCN powder. The microstructures of the TiCN-containing composite coatings were investigated and the friction and wear behaviour of the TiCN-containing composite coatings under dry sliding condition was evaluated under different normal loads. It was found that the composite coatings were mainly composed of TiC0.3N0.7, TiN, TiN0.3, and TiC phases, and the two types of TiCN-containing composite coatings produced by two laser processing parameters had higher microhardness and better wear resistance than pure Ti substrate.

Keywords: TiCN composite coating, pure Ti, CO2 laser, laser surface alloying, microstructure, friction properties, wear properties

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