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CO2 LaserWelding of a Ti6Al4V Alloy and the Effects of Laser Parameters 135 on the Weld Geometry
A. Khorram and M. Ghoreishi

In the present study laser butt-welding of a Ti6Al4V alloy using 2.2 kW CO2 laser is investigated. The effect of process parameters including laser power, welding speed and focal point position on butt-weld geometry responses are investigated using response surface methodology (RSM). A central composite design has been employed to analyse the experimental data. Linear and quadratic equations are employed for prediction of geometry. The results indicate that welding speed and laser power had a significant effect and focal point position had no effect on the process. Welding speed had an opposite effect on all responses.

Keywords: Ti6Al4V alloy, laser welding, CO2 laser, response surface methodology (RSM)

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