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Microimaging of Industrial and Medical Intra-cavities Using a Miniature Laser Probe
J. James, R. Vinay, S. W. Lye and V. M. Murukeshan

Imaging microfeatures from inaccessible areas requires the usage of miniature probes that can be manoeuvred and guided through to the desired location. At the same time, such a probe should be able to accommodate the essential instrumentation to realize high resolution imaging. In this context, this paper deals with the design and development of a probe distal end with adequate locomotion mechanism and its potential edge in performing microimaging. Investigations were performed mainly with product packages and fluorescent microspheres in order to demonstrate the potential edge of the probe in industrial settings, as well as clinical settings. The microimaging device designed for imaging the microfeatures of intra-cavities proved to be effective for use in package products and tissue related applications.

Keywords: Microimaging device, laser probe, product packages, imaging, image processing, defect reconstruction, microspheres, endoscopic probe, colon cancer

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