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Television (TV) Holography for Three-dimensional Surface Shape Measurement
U. Paul Kumar, S. Pal, U. Somasundaram, M. P. Kothiyal and N. Krishna Mohan

A three beam illumination television (TV) holographic method is described for the measurement of the surface shape of three-dimensional (3-D) objects. The arrangement combines an in-plane sensitive arrangement with an out-of-plane sensitive arrangement. Four sets of speckle frames each with five phase shifted sequentially recorded patterns are used to determine the surface shape. In this three beam illumination arrangement the rotation given to the object during the experiment can also be determined from the recorded data, making an independent measurement of the rotation unnecessary. The basic theory and the experimental results on a cylindrical object and a stratum of a Buddha statue are presented.

Keywords: Television (TV) holography, electronic/digital speckle pattern interferometry, shape measurement, phase shifting, fringe analysis.

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