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Theoretical Analysis of the Dynamics of a Fast Axial Flow (FAF) Continuous Wave (CW) CO2 Laser
S. Jelvani, H. Saeedi and A. M. Koushki

A six-temperature kinetic model for a CO2-N2-He system has been employed to describe the temporal behaviour of the output power, gain, gas temperature and the vibrational temperatures in a fast axial flow continuous wave (CW) CO2 laser. It takes into account the effects of energy transfer processes, thermal energy transport, and the dissociation of CO2 molecules. In addition, the effects of gas pressure, gas flow velocity, discharge current, discharge tube diameter and concentrations of N2, He and CO on the output power, gain, gas temperature and vibrational temperatures were studied.

Keywords: CO2-N2-He system, fast-axial-flow (FAF) CO2 laser, kinetic model, transient time

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