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A Simple and Cost-effective System for Measuring the Recrystallization Characterization of Polycrystalline Silicon Following Excimer Laser Crystallization
C. C. Kuo and C. S. Chao

Excimer laser crystallization (ELC) is a widely used technique for producing polycrystalline silicon (poly-Si) thin films. An optical inspection system with simple optical arrangements for rapid measurement of the recrystallization characterization of poly-Si thin films is developed in this study. The recrystallization characterization of the sample after ELC can be easily discerned directly by the profile of peak power density distribution, which is found to coincide with the observation by optical microscopy and field-emission scanning electron microscopy (SEM).

Keywords: Optical measurement, polycrystalline silicon (poly-Si), thin films, excimer laser crystallization (ELC), digital multimeter, recrystallization characterization

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