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Typical Joint Defects in LaserWelded Aluminium-Lithium Alloy
J. Yang, X.Y. Li, S.L. Gong, L. Chen and F. Xu

Welding trials of autogenous laser welding, laser welding with filling wire and laser-MIG arc hybrid welding were carried out. The characteristics, causes and controlling methods of joint defects were analysed by optic microscope, X-ray detection and numerical simulation. The results indicated that the common defects were imperfect shape and porosity inside the weld. The characters of weld surface defects varied during different welding processes, porosity were also different in shape and formation during full penetration welding and incomplete penetration welding. All most defects mentioned above could be controlled and avoided by optimizing the welding process procedures.

Keywords: Aluminium-lithium alloy, laser welding, defect, weld shape, porosity

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