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Some Experimental Results of Ruby Laser Beam Interaction with Neolithic Ceramics from Stubline, Serbia
S. Ristic, S. Polic-Radovanovic, B. Katavic, Z. Nikolic, O. Ristic and A. Pacevski

This paper presents some results of laser beam interaction (ruby laser, Q-switch) with the contaminated surface of the Neolithic ceramics from Stubline in Serbia, which had been exposed to atmospheric and other conditions. The main aim was to determine a threshold of laser light energy density applied in cleaning and to test if the ruby laser with nominal energy of 1J can be applied simultaneously for cleaning of encrustations on the ceramic surface, and non-destructive tests of the cleaning process by holographic interferometry. The first step was to determine a threshold of the laser energy density applied in cleaning. The effects of the laser beam interaction were examined by scanning electron microscope (SEM) equipped with energy-dispersion spectroscope (EDS).

Keywords: Neolithic ceramics, Stubline, laser cleaning, ruby laser, threshold of laser energy

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