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The Action of Attosecond and Zeptosecond Laser Pulses on a Nanoparticle System
A. Ya. Temkin

Irradiation by laser electromagnetic radiation provokes transformations in a nanoparticle system, changing the distribution of the nanoparticles with respect to their size, composition, orientations, etc. This can lead to the fusion of nanoparticles distributed throughout the gas or liquid medium which, in turn, allows tailoring and coalescence. It would be important for different technical applications to predict theoretically the obtained particle distributions with respect to size and other parameters characterizing them. The purpose of the present paper is to construct the mathematical formalism representing the above mentioned transformations, in other words, to write and study the most general equations describing the considered processes and find the ways to solve them. These equations are written so that they can be modified to adapt them to different processes, such as coalescence or tailoring.

Keywords: Laser pulse, attosecond, zeptosecond, nanoparticle systems, radiation kinetics, ablation

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