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Characteristic Analysis of the Response to Picosecond Pulsed Laser Radiation of a Silicon p-i-n Photodiode
X-A. Dou and X-Q. Sun

To study the characteristic response of a silicon p-i-n photodiode to picosecond pulsed laser radiation, the physical model was established and the response characteristic was analysed using quasi-three-dimensional simulation technology. The results indicate that a silicon p-i-n photodiode could respond to the intensity of the picosecond pulsed laser while peak responsibility approximately linearly degrading with the laser pulse duration narrowing, and that it could not recognize pulse duration. The experiment was carried out to verify the theoretical analysis results. The experimental results are shown to be in good agreement with the theoretical results.

Keywords: Picosecond pulsed laser, silicon p-i-n photodiode, ultrafast optics, transient response

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