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A Novel Laser Energy Meter Based on Laser-induced Voltage
X. Liu, H. Zhang, Q.M. Chu, S-C. Zhang, Q-M. Chen, M-G. Cao, J. Lan and P-X. Zhang

A novel laser energy meter based on laser induced voltage was fabricated. Within the range from infrared to ultraviolet light (with wavelengths of 193 nm, 248 nm and 1.06 um (micrometre)) the optical response to the pulses of ArF excimer lasers, KrF excimer laser and Nd:YAG lasers were measured. It was shown that this device recorded the data of every pulse and its response signal accurately and stably, and the response time of this detector was sufficiently fast to record in the nanosecond range. The sensors were difficult to damage under the excitation of the ultraviolet light. Meanwhile, the total number and energy of applied laser pulse were displayed in situ.

Keywords: Laser beam, energy meter, laser-induced voltage, optical response, pulse, infrared, ultraviolet, ArF excimer laser, KrF excimer laser, Nd:YAG laser

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