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Continuous Wave Operation of a Ho:YAlO3 Laser with Volume Bragg Grating Pumped by a Tm-doped Silicon Fibre Laser
X-T. Yang, X-Z. Ma and Y. Liu

We report on the use of a continuous wave (CW) Ho:YAlO3 (Ho:YAP) laser with a volume Bragg grating (VBG) instead of the conventional mirror at room temperature pumped by a Tm-doped silicon fibre laser. The Ho:YAP laser operated at 2117.9 nm with an output power of 5.62 W. The optical-to-optical conversion efficiency was 44.9% and the slope efficiency was 51.5%. The Ho:YAP output wavelength was centred at 2117.9 nm with a bandwidth of approximately 0.3 nm. The beam quality factor, M2, was measured by the travelling knife-edge method to be around 1.29.

Keywords: Ho:YAlO3 laser, Ho:YAP laser, fibre laser, solid state lasers, volume Bragg grating (VBG)

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