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Transient Radiative Transfer Analysis of Turbid Tissues Subjected to 10 Picosecond Pulse Length Laser Irradiations
K-H. Kim, J-H. Lee and J-K. Park

The objective of this paper is to investigate the radiative transfer phenomena during ultra short time period. Either collimated laser beam or focused laser beam with 10 ps pulse duration is exposed to the three layered tissue medium with inhomogeneity. Transient discrete ordinate method (TDOM) with axisymmetric tissue geometric model is employed for the solution method. With the divergence of radiative heat flux which is the radiation energy absorption, two kinds of laser source are compared. The hyperbolic conduction equation is adopted to predict temperature response of tissue medium. By estimation of tissue ablation time of inhomogeneity medium, we may control irradiation time of focused laser beam.

Keywords: Radiative transfer, turbid tissue, short pulsed laser, focused laser beam, transient discrete ordinate method (TDOM), laser-tissue interaction

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