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Turbulence Intensity Around High Head Slide Gates in Conditions of Two Gates Operation by Applying Laser Doppler Velocimeter (LDV)
A. Khosrojerdi and R. Huge

In this paper the influence of opening two gates simultaneously on turbulence intensity distributions around a high head lift gate was investigated. The turbulence properties of lift gate using two-dimensional laser Doppler velocimeter (LDV) also was taking account into consideration. The investigation was applied on an experimental hydraulic model built in-house. It was found that intensity turbulence can be obtained by the dimensionless parameter of R* (turbulence stress Reynolds) considering gate position. Also turbulence intensity is obtained by q/q* (Reynolds dimensionless velocity) of course without considering to gate position. Distributions of intensity turbulence and velocities has been presented. There are routine relationships between R* and q/q* in regard to gate position.

Keywords: Turbulence intensity, laser Doppler velocimeter, slide gate

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