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Ultrasonic Testing and Evaluation of Laser Welds in Stainless Steel
X.P. Gu, G.C. Xu, J. Liu and X.Y. Gu

In this paper ultrasonic C-scan testing of laser welds in stainless steel were investigated based on the propagation characteristics of ultrasonic waves in a metal medium. Reflection, transmission and attenuation law of ultrasonic for different positions of the weld was analysed. Calculation and imaging of weld width were obtained through extracting the characteristic value of echo signal of weld edge. Metallographs of the joint section were obtained to identify the calculation. Experimental results showed that it is reliable to get rapid non-destructive detection of weld of laser welded stainless steel and rapid evaluation of welding quality by this ultrasonic C-scan testing.

Keywords: Disc laser, laser welding, stainless steel, ultrasonic testing, weld width, C-scan

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