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Heating of a Moving Slab with Two Laser Spots: Influence of Relative Spacing of Spots on Temperature Field
S. Z. Shuja and B. S. Yilbas

Laser heating of a moving metal sheet is considered and the influence of relative spacing of the laser spots and power intensity on temperature field is examined. In the analysis, two laser spots with varying spacing between them at the surface are incorporated. Laser power intensity at the second spot is kept higher than that of the first spot to investigate its effects on temperature variation across the heated region. Temperature ratios (ΔT1/ΔTmax, ΔT2/ΔTmax, and ΔT/ΔTmax) are introduced to portray temperature field in the heated region. It is found that increasing relative spacing of the spots reduces the temperature gradient across the heated region. As the power intensity at the second spot increases, temperature gradient also increases. Consequently, proper setting of relative spacing and power intensities of the irradiated spots at the surface enables to control temperature and thermal stress fields in the heated region.

Keywords: Laser, mathematical model, COMSOL, multi-spots, moving slab, heating, temperature

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