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Polarization Sensitive Optical Imaging of Biomaterials Using a Mueller Matrix Polarimetric Algorithm
S. Firdous, W. Waqas, M. Idrees, M. Nawaz and M. Ikram

A complete and minimum set of necessary and sufficient conditions for a real 4 × 4 matrix to be a physical Mueller matrix with forward and reverse decomposition is obtained. The significant information or image contrast about the biomaterials can be obtained through polarization sensitive optical imaging technique. The Mueller matrices of the ultra-high molecular-weight-polyethylene (UHMWPE) from 400 to 800 nm wavelength of light were obtained experimentally and corresponding optical polarization measured parameters were simulated at different wavelengths for forward and reverse decomposition. Based on this decomposition, the diattenuation and the retardence of a Mueller Matrix can be defined and computed. The algorithm is useful for optical properties measurement and performing data reduction upon experimentally determined Mueller matrices. The UHMWPE is a unique polymer with outstanding physical and mechanical properties can be used as artificial bone substitute. By knowing the optical properties of UHMWPE through this imaging technique, the deficiencies can be removed in the material for replacement of joints. The developed model can also be applied to other biomaterials for their optical properties and data reduction.

Keywords: Optical imaging, biomaterial, ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), polarization, scattering, depolarization, Mueller matrix

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