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Image Processing for Laser Holographic Interference Fringe Pattern with Poor Imaging Quality
L. Liu and Z-M. Zhao

The laser holographic interference fringe patterns obtained in laser holographic interferometry are not always in good quality. The image processing of holographic interference fringe patterns plays a significant role for the later fringe analysis. This paper proposes the processing method for the fringe pattern with poor imaging quality. It mainly includes image denoising, image enhancement, image binarization and fringe thinning. The paper introduces in detail the process of selecting algorithms for each step. The algorithms used in this paper mainly include wavelet denoising, grey level adjustment, top-hat filtering, adaptive histogram equalization, binarization of dynamic local threshold, operations of opening and closing, and thinning. Ultimately we get the processed fringes image that can meet our needs. The experimental results show that our method can reach good effect even when the quality of fringe pattern is considerably low because of high or low density, high noise and low contrast.

Keywords: Laser holographic interference fringes pattern, image processing, poor imaging quality, image denoising, image enhancement, image binarization, fringe thinning

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