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Research on the Tracking Error of a Laser Tracking System
L-H. Zang, F-Q. Wang, B. Tang, L-J. Sun and X-H. Ma

The composition of the laser tracking uncooperative target system by active illumination was introduced. The tracking errors that contained the detecting error of detector, the coaxial error of the axis of laser and receiving telescope, and the pointing error of theodolite were researched. The simulation experiment of the tracking was successfully achieved by a simulating experiment with a moving target. The tracking error in the experiment was 30 μrad. In order to make a comparison with the laser tracking uncooperative target system, the composite axis system was used to do the contrast experiment. The laser tracking uncooperative target system using quadrant silicon avalanche photodiodes (QAPD) could obtain a fine tracking precision compared with the composite axis system according to the experimental results.

Keywords: Laser tracking, uncooperative target, tracking error, active illumination, quadrant silicon avalanche photodiodes (QAPD)

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