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Measurements of Particle Size Distribution and Concentration by Means of Transmission Fluctuation Spectrometry (TFS) Using Band-pass Filters
Y-M. Xu and J-Q. Shen

Transmission fluctuation spectrometry (TFS) is a new method for particle analysis based on the statistical fluctuations of a transmission signal. With simple optical arrangement and easy operation, the method can be applied to real-time, online measurements. The transmission signal with fluctuations are analysed by using 1st order band-pass filters, and the experimental data in the frequency domain are obtained. The PSD and concentrations are extracted from the experimental data with the modified Chahine interactions. In this part, we presents a study on the TFS measurements in which the particle concentration varies in a very wide dynamic range. Finally, reasonable results on both the particle size distribution and particle concentration are obtained by introducing the empirical corrections into the inversion algorithm.

Keywords: Transmission fluctuation spectrometry (TFS), band-pass filters, particle size, particle concentration, inversion algorithm, high-concentration correction

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