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Design and Optimization of a Linear Laser Beam
C-Y. Wang, Q-C. Tan and R-H. Guo

In order to improve the uniformity of linear laser distribution and the sharpness of laser beam line width, a laser beam shaping system is designed and optimization. This system contains two kinds of optical element. One is a laser beam expander, which can reduce the divergence of laser beam and adjust the width of laser line. The other is an aspheric column lens, which can change the Gaussian beam distribution into the straight line distribution. The beam expander adopts 2Xbeam expander with the form of Galilean telescope and the expression of aspheric column lens is solved by the law of energy conservation and refraction rule. The ray tracing and the optimization of the whole system will be performed by the optical design software. The experimental results show that the laser beam shaping system has obtained a 0.32 mm line width spot in 1 m working distance, which increases by three-times the uniformity than the traditional method.

Keywords: Linear laser, beam shaping system, intensity distribution, optical design, optimization

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