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An Algorithm for Retrieving the Atmospheric Aerosol Extinction Coefficient via Raman Lidar Data
J-Y. Zhang, C-Y. Huang and W. Gong

The method of retrieving atmospheric aerosol extinction coefficient from Raman lidar data is analysed. The logarithm for the ratio of nitrogen molecules density to distance correction signal is focused on and is discussed deeply. The weighted least squares method is used to fit the discrete signals. The weights are valued according to the kind of photomultiplier tube and its detecting mode. The profiles of the atmosphere aerosol’s extinction coefficient are detected by Raman lidar at Wuhan, China. From the distribution of the aerosols, the structure and the change of atmospheric boundary layer are showed clearly.

Keywords: Lidar, Raman, aerosol extinction coefficient, weighted least squares method, error propagation, Poisson distribution

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