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Particle Size Distribution Recovery from Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) Data Using the Nonnegative Constraint Total Variation Regularization Method
T-T. Wang, J. Shen, X-Y. Liu, X-J. Zhu, W. Liu and X-M. Sun

Regularization method is widely used for solving the ill-posed problems in the dynamic light scattering (DLS); however, the regularization operator affects the performance of the algorithm dramatically. Nonnegative constraint total variation regularization method was applied to recover particle size distribution from DLS data. Simulated and experimental results demonstrate that the proposed method, being not sensitive to noise for a nonlinear regularization operator adopted in it, compared with nonnegative constraint Tikhonov regularization. It could be used as a new approach to retrieve particle size distribution from DLS measurements.

Keywords: Dynamic light scattering (DLS), particle size distribution (PSD), total variation regularization, Tikhonov regularization, regularization operator, nonnegative constraint

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