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Fast Symmetric Normalization of the Intensity Autocorrelation Function in Particle Sizing by Photon Correlation Spectroscopy
P. Kong, G. Zheng and H.M. Yang

Normalization and subsequent baseline error is a notorious problem in dynamic light scattering (DLS). In a multiple sample time measurement, although the already available symmetric or compensated normalization can eliminate most of those statistical errors from a measured intensity autocorrelation function, a large number of additional monitoring channels in hardware are require. In this paper a fast symmetric normalization is presented. By sharing the channels between linear correlator and monitor at large delay time, the requirement of hardware resource is reduced dramatically. The method was systematically tested using suspension of standard latex particles. Comparing to the results by standard and symmetric normalization, it has the advantage of low estimation bias and hardware dependency.

Keywords: Autocorrelation function, normalization, fast symmetric normalization, photon Correlation spectroscopy (PCS), dynamic light scattering (DLS), estimation bias

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