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Plasma Density Control in a Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD) Ozone Generator Using a Laser Engraved Dielectric Layer and Alumina Sand Filled Discharge Channel
S. Naovaratpong, I. Boonyaroonate and A. Nathakaranakule

This research presents the design and test of a small air-cooled dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) ozone generator designed to improve the efficiency of the heat removal process. Plasma density is reduced by means of a laser- engraved dielectric layer, and the area of heat conduction from gas plasma increased by means of an alumina sand-filled discharge channel. The ozone generator used in this experiment was configured with a 1 mm discharge gap parallel plate DBD. A comparison was made of results from using a conventional discharge channel ozone generator and from using a modified discharge channel. An improvement in production efficiency was observed, the findings being that production efficiency rose to 280%, while the high voltage electrode temperature was reduced from 670 to 430oC at maximum output concentration.

Keywords: Ozone generator, dielectric barrier discharge (DBD), laser engraving application, plasma

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