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The Effects of Dimple Distribution Angle on the Tribology Performance of a Laser Surface Textured Cylinder Piston Ring System
J. Zhan and M-J. Yang

The effectiveness of the distribution angle of the dimples was researched by means of a wear test of cylinder liner/piston ring system. The wear of cylinder block was measured when the Nd:YAG laser-texturing dimples distribution angle was altered. According to comparing wear of the system the effect of dimples distribution angle to the wear of the system was discussed, and remaining depth to diameter ratio was 0.10 and area density was 20% unchanged essentially, the wear value of cylinder liner was lowest at the dimples distribution angle was 45º. It was found that the laser texturing could result in less wear rate compared to mechanical honing

Keywords: Nd:YAG laser, laser texturing, laser surface textured (LST), tribology, cylinder piston ring, dimples distribution angle, wear

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