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Analysis of the Surface Performance of a Laser Alloyed Al12Mg17 Reinforced Coating on Pure Ti
W. Li

Al/Mg powders were used to improve the wear resistance of pure Ti, which owns a great potential in the field of the surface modification. Synthesis of a hard composite coating on pure Ti by laser alloying of Al/ Mg+TiN/TiC+Y2O3 pre-placed powders has been investigated in detail. SEM image indicates that a composite coating with metallurgical joint to the substrate is formed. The XRD result indicates that such composite coating mainly consists of Ti3Al, Al12Mg17, TiC0.3N0.7, TiN and TiC. Compared with pure Ti substrate, an improvement of wear resistance is observed for such coating.

Keywords: CO2 laser, laser alloying, surface modification, Al-Mg intermetallics, titanium, wear, microstructure

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