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Effects of a Transverse Wind of Category 6 on the Peak Power Instability of Laser Pulses Retroreflected by a Corner Cube Retroreflector
T. Wang, W. Wang, P-F. Du, D-X. Geng, G. Gao and M-L. Gong

The peak power instability (PPI) of return laser pulses is an important character in the free-space optical communication (FSO) asymmetric link. The link is based on a corner cube retroreflector (CCR). The PPI is influenced by the wind, especially the transverse wind severely. In order to design a CCR FSO which can operate normally at different PPI caused by the wind of below Category 6. The PPI retroreflected by CCR in the transverse wind of Category 6 is presented in this paper. Besides, Indoor and laboratory PPIs are given to facilitate comparative analysis. The range from the transmitter to the CCR is 120.0 m in the outdoor and indoor experiment. The bottom surface of the CCR is a circle with the diameter of 1 inch. The experimental result shows that the outdoor PPI is about 4.5 times the indoor PPI, and the indoor PPI is slightly larger than the PPI measured in front of the laser. The PPI allowed of the CCR FSO should be larger than 19.67% to ensure the FSO operate normally in the wind of below Category 6.

Keywords: Laser pulse, peak power instability, wind, cube corner retroreflector, free-space optical communication, atmospheric

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