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A Stability Evaluation Method for Single Longitudinal Mode (SLM) Lasers
N. Liu, Y. Wu, Y. Deng, H.B. Cao and S.L. Zhang

The effect of cavity length change of single and multi-longitudinal mode laser on power stability was analysed in this paper, and the characteristics of power curve and its causes were also explained. It was indicated that there is normal power fluctuation in theoretical when the cavity length of single longitudinal mode laser changes, so that some limitations appear to evaluate the stability of laser by present power stability method. To this problem, the limitations of the present method were analysed and power peak value stability method was put forward and the algorithm was obtained. The method is applicable to all the single longitudinal mode lasers. As an example, experiments of He-Ne lasers with single and multilongitudinal modes were carried out and the results were discussed.

Keywords: Single longitudinal mode (SLM) laser, peak power stability, laser stability, cavity length, He-Ne laser

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