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Evolution Characteristics of the Kurtosis Parameter on a Distorted Cat’s Eye Effect Reflected Beam
Y-Z. Zhao, H-Y. Sun and Y-H. Zheng

Based on the definition of second order moment, fourth order moment and the approximate three-dimensional analytical formula for oblique laser beam passing through a cat’s eye optical lens with centre shelter, the analytical expression of kurtosis parameter of the cat’s eye effect reflected light under far field condition has been deduced. Evolution characteristics of kurtosis parameter affected by the incident angle, back backhaul transmission distance, focal shift and centre shelter ratio are performed by numerical calculation, and analysed physically. The results show that the reflected beam at the return place changes from a leptokurtic beam into a mesokurtic beam along with the increase of the incident angle. Only when the focal shift and incident angle are all very small, the kurtosis parameter at the return place has a large value and the reflected beam has a leptokurtic profile. These evolution characteristics of kurtosis parameter can be used to classify the distorted reflected beam.

Keywords: Laser optics, cat’s eye effect, kurtosis parameter, evolution characteristics, reflected beam, incident angle, focal shift

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