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Laser Welding of Deep Drawing 08Al Killed Steel Sheet
J. Liu, Y. Shi, Y-Q. Wang, Z-K. Yang and H. Zhang

This paper investigated the laser welding technology on deep drawing 08Al killed steel sheets by slab CO2 laser in order to reduce its welding distortion and improve its welding efficiency. The microstructure of the welded joints was examined with scanning electron microscope (SEM), while the properties were investigated by means of microhardness tester and tensile testing machine. Firstly, welding parameters of laser power, welding speed, and defocusing distance were optimized. Secondly, using of the optimized parameters, the cylinders were manufactured by the laser power of 2.00 kW, welding speed of 1.50 m/min, defocusing distance of 5.00 mm, shielding gas of 10 l/min He and 15 l/min Ar. After deformation test, it was found that CO2 laser welded cylinders could meet the technical requirements, with the inner diameter of 173 mm0+2 and a cylindricity of less than 1.00 mm.

Keywords: CO2 laser, laser welding, 08Al killed steel, deep drawing, manufacturing technique, distortion, cylinder

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