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Research on Laser Frequency Stability with Different Seed Injection Methods Under Vibration Conditions
J-B. Xia, S-S. Zhang, Y. Liu, J. Chang And B-Y. Liu

Seed injection is an important technology in single longitude mode laser for Doppler wind lidar (DWL). Different methods of seed injection lead to difference of anti-jamming of the system. For mobile and airborne wind lidar, vibration influences the frequency stability of laser, which results in frequency jitter and larger errors in wind measurements. The frequency stability of locked lasers with the technology of build-up time minimization and ramp-fire technology are investigated respectively to compare the dependence of frequency stability on vibration. Results show that the frequency-locked 532 nm pulsed laser with ramp-fire technology has frequency stability of less than 5.00 MHz under vibration condition, while the frequency stability of the laser with build-up time minimization technology reaches up to 9.00 MHz. This suggests that the laser with ramp-fire technology is more suitable than laser with built-up time minimization technology for DWL used in the vibration environment.

Keywords: Laser frequency, seed injection, vibration, stability, Doppler wind lidar (DWL), build-up time minimization, ramp-fire

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