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Temperature Characteristics of a Spun Fibre Quarter Wave-Plate
Q. Tao

In this paper the temperature characteristics of spun fibre quarter waveplates are researched. The state of polarization (SOP) along spun fibre is calculated by Jones vector method. The relative normalized power (RNP) and relative angle change (RAC) calculated by linear and sinusoidal variable spun method, when temperature changes during -40°C to 75°C are compared. The RNP and RAC obtained by sinusoidal variable spun method are about 0.5 times than that obtained by linear variable spun method. The quarter wave-plate calculated by sinusoidal variable spun method has better temperature stability, so, it is better fit to fabricate quarter wave-plate.

Keywords: Quarter wave-plate, spun fibre, Jones vector, coupled-mode, mathematical model, thermal model

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