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Analysis of the Mechanisms and Characteristics of Laser Sintering Diamond Fine Powder and Metallic Powder
W-H. Yang, X-H. Tang And F-H. Cai

Sintering experiments were carried out to solve the problem of controlling the best sintering time and temperature in traditional diamond fine powder and metallic powder sintering process. Compacts were composed of 40% 14 mm diameter diamond fine powder and 60% copper cased metallic powder Cu-Ni-Cr-Cu85Sn15. The influences of laser parameters on the combination performance of sintered samples were studied. In addition, the sintering performance and abrasion resistance property of sintered samples were analysed. We found that good mechanical properties of samples can be obtained when the beam diameter is 8.5 mm, laser power is 550 W and scanning speed is 1.10 m/min.

Keywords: CO2 laser, powder processing, sintering, diamond fine powder, metallic powder, compact of diamond fine powders, abrasive resistance

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