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Three-Dimensional (3-D) Laser Cladding of Functionally Graded Structures in the Ni-Cr-Al System
I. Shishkovsky, N. Kakovkina and F. Missemer

The functional graded structures were realized in the Diamalloy 1005 Ni-based super alloy by means of the layer wise increase of the Al concentration from the stainless steel substrate up to the surface during the three-dimensional (3-D) laser cladding. The optical and scan electron microscopy, X-ray phase analysis and microhardness measurement were used for the testing of the received functionally graded structure (FGS). A numerical simulation of the temperature distribution and transformation degree into the NixAly phases in the Ni-Al-system were conducted for the conditions of our experiments which allow of confirming the experimental results.

Keywords: Nd+3:YAG laser, nickel aluminide, three-dimensional (3-D) laser cladding, functional graded structure (FGS), phase, laser-controlled exothermal reaction, mathematical model

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