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The Fourier Approach of the Two Temperature Model for Laser Beam-Metal Interaction: Experiment Versus Theory
V. Damian, M. Oane And A. Bucă

In our work we present a new approach in order to build up a laser-metal thermal interaction model with the goal to determine the two temperatures: electron and phonon temperatures. Using only one Fourier equation we can get information about the three-dimensional (3-D) thermal fields, surface temperature and steady state quantum effects temperature while laser shooting on a metal. The model could be applied also for relativistic electrons heating on metals. In this work we apply the integral transform technique with merging other models Our model is checked from the experimental point of view by irradiation iron with a 355nm Nd:YAG laser beam.

Keywords: Laser beam-metal interaction, Fourier approach, two temperature model (TTM), Nd:YAG laser, iron, analytical model

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