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A Comparative Study of Violet Ingan Double Quantum Well Lasers with 1.89 and 0.80 Ev Inn Bandgap Energies
G. Alahyarizadeh, M. Amirhoseiny, R. Rahmani and Z. Hassan

The performance characteristics of violet InGaN double quantum well (DQW) lasers with 1.89 and 0.80 eV bandgap energies have been investigated using the Integrated System Engineering Technical Computer Aided Design (ISE TCAD) software. The basic structure and material parameters used in the model were extracted based on the room temperature continuous wave (CW) operation lasers fabricated by other workers in which the bandgap energy of InN was 1.89 eV and the material parameters of the structure with 0.80 eV InN bandgap energy was based on the latest literature and experimental work. The simulation results demonstrated the different conduction and valence band profile and electron and hole distribution in the active region. The laser structure with 0.80 eV InN bandgap energy has higher performance characteristics such output power, slope efficiency and differential quantum efficiency and lower threshold current compared with the structure with 1.89 eV InN bandgap energy.

Keywords: InGaN quantum well laser, InN, bandgap energy, double quantum well (DQW), numerical simulation

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