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Optical Excitation of a Quartz Crystal Tuning Fork Sensor
Z.Q. Zhang, S.H. Jia, B.S. Ma, H-L. Chen and Y. Wei

We studied the effects of structural dimensions on the resonance frequency and vibrational mode of a quartz crystal tuning fork (QCTF) in photoacoustic spectroscopy remote sensing device. From this data, we determined an appropriate range of tuning fork sizes. Additionally, we derived a mathematical model that enables numerical simulation for the optical excitation of the vibrational mode. The simulation results were found to be of the same order of magnitude as the experimental data. This work provides a theoretical basis for the design of folded light paths for remote laser detection of quartz tuning fork vibrations.

Keywords: Laser, photoacoustic spectroscopy (PAS), remote sensing device, structure sizes, quartz crystal tuning fork (QCTF), sensor, optical excitation, vibration

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