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Analysis of an Actively Mode-locked Singly Resonant Oscillator Using Continuous Wave (CW) Pumping
J-Y. Wang, L. Wang and Y. Zhan

The pulse properties of continuous wave (CW) pumped mode-locked singly resonant optical parametric oscillator (OPO) by acousto-optic modulation (AOM) mode-locking are studied theoretically. The influences of pump intensity, transmittance of output coupler, parameters of acousto-optic modulator on pulse properties are investigated numerically. It can be seen that lower pump power and higher transmittance will be favourable for pulse compression in the condition that the pump power is large than the threshold. Additionally, deeper modulation depth and higher modulation frequency of active modulator will also be helpful for pulse compression, whereas the pulse energy will be suppressed.

Keywords: Ultrafast laser, optical parametric oscillator (OPO), acousto-optic modulation, continuous-wave (CW) pumped, pulse compression

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