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Temperature-assisted Laser Micropeen Forming: An innovative Process to Fabricate Copper Foil Microparts
J.Z. Zhou, J. Sheng, S. Huang, S.L. Chen and L. Dai

This study presents an innovative process to fabricate Cu foil parts via temperature-assisted laser micropeen forming (LMPF). A systematic experimental apparatus, including laser device, temperature controller and forming unit, was established. LMPF experiments of Cu foil were performed at temperatures of 25, 100, 130,160 and 190oC, respectively. The associated morphologies of specimen were observed by a digital microscope, and the effects of temperature on contour shape and forming limit, as well as the springback under warm conditions were analysed. A nanoindentation test was performed on the deformed specimens to study the variation of nanohardness and elastic modulus at different temperatures. The results show that temperature-assisted LMPF can significantly improve the microforming precision by comparing the surface profiles. In addition, the nanohardness and modulus were both increased in the formed region while compared with as-received material. An optimal forming temperature of 160oC was obtained, and the forming precision can be increased by 38%. The investigation provides a theoretical and technical reference for engineering applications of warm LMPF of metal foils.

Keywords: Nd:YAG laser, copper foil, semi-die, laser optics, temperature-assisted laser micropeen forming, nanohardness, elastic modulus

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