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Analysis of Temperature Distribution in Brake Discs Having a Textured Surface Produced by Laser Peening
X. Feng, J.Z. Zhou, D Mu, Y.F. Mei and W.L. Zhu

Brake disc with textured surface was introduced for fade resistance during braking process. The microdimple arrays of disc surface were fabricated by laser peening process, which can not only increase surface roughness but also accelerate heat dissipation, in turn, to raise friction coefficient of brake system and resist heat fade phenomenon through reducing the interface temperature of brake disc. Analysis of brake disc temperature distribution during single braking process under non-axisymmetric load was conducted by using finite element method (FEM) and the coupled heat conduction and elastic equations were solved with contact problems. The computational results showed that the value of temperature in radial direction of dimpled disc proved to be lower than smooth disc obviously. Heat fade and premature wear could be effectively relieved because the laser textured surfaces exerted an essential influence on the disc surface temperature distribution and the maximal contact temperature.

Keywords: Nd:YAG laser, brake disc, laser peening, finite element method (FEM), textured surface, temperature distribution

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