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Wear Behaviour of ZL109 Aluminum Alloys Textured by Laser Peening
D. Mu, J.Z. Zhou, Y.F. Mei, J. Sheng, J.Z. Lu, X. Feng, H.D. Zhou and Y. Zheng

This paper aims to investigate the friction and wear properties of ZL109 Al-Si alloy treated by laser peen texturing. Firstly, the texture patterns composed of microdimples with different surface area densities were produced by laser peen texturing. Then the friction and wear characteristics of the textured surfaces were detected by a pin-on-disk reciprocating tribometer at dry sliding condition, and the anti-wear mechanism of laser peen textured samples was discussed based on the observation of surface topographies as well. The results show that the depth of the microdimples was positively correlated with the laser energy. The friction coefficient and the wear volume of the textured surface were reduced. In addition, less abrasive particles, adhered materials, plastic flow and gluing were found in the surface topography after laser peen texturing. laser peen texturing process can improve the friction and wear performance of ZL109 Al-Si alloy at dry condition.

Keywords: Nd:YAG laser, ZL109 alloy, Al-Si alloy, laser peening, microdimples, texturing, wear properties, friction characteristics

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