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Parameter Optimization and the Effects on Crack Trend in Pulsed Laser Surface Treated Cast Iron
Z-H. Zhang, P-Y. Lin, S-H. Kong, F. Chang, Y-H. Liang, X-J. Li And Lq. Ren

This paper presents the results of an investigation on crack ratio in laser tracks under various process parameters. To eliminate and reduce the crack trend, the range analysis method was used to identify the most significant factor and levels. Using the observations, the most preferable set of the factor levels was established. The crack appearance on the surface and cross-section of the laser treated zone was characterized with optical and scanning electron microscopy techniques. The effects of laser process parameters on crack trend were analysed and the mechanism behind the cracking in laser treated zone was discussed. The results indicated that the crack trend within the laser treated zone has a close relationship with the process parameters.

Keywords: Nd:YAG laser, cast iron, surface treatment, crack, microstructure, graphite, brake drum

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