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Preparation, Microstructure and Wear Performance of a Laser Clad Mgal2C2 Matrix Composite Coating on Titanium
P. Li

The Mgal2C2 powder is firstly used to be the matrix powder to improve the wear resistance of the metals by mean of a laser cladding technique. This work is based on the dry sliding wear of Mgal2C2-TiB2-Si3N4 composite coating deposited onto pure Ti using a CO2 laser cladding technique, the parameters of which are such as to provide almost crack-free composite coating with very low porosity. Scanning electron microscope (SEM) images indicate the nanocrystals and amorphous phases are produced in such coating. The high resolution transmission electron microscope image of the TiB nanorods appeared at the intersplat region, and these lattice values were very compatible to the d-space of TiB at an orientation of (201). Compared with a pure Ti, an improvement of wear resistance is achieved for such coating.

Keywords: CO2 laser, laser cladding, titanium, metal matrix, composite coating, microstructure, wear, surface modification, nanocrystals, amorphous

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