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Generation and Propagation of Double-half Gaussian Hollow Beams by a Paraxial Optical System in a Turbulent Atmosphere
W.G. Cao, J. Duan, Y.T. Liu, H.N. Yang, M. Hu, D. Han, Y.L. LI and Y.F. Lu

In the paper, the propagation properties of double-half Gaussian hollow beams (DHGHs) generated through unstable resonator in turbulent atmosphere have been investigated. The analytical expressions for the average intensity of DHGHs propagation are derived in turbulence atmosphere. As a numerical example, the propagation characteristics of DHGHs in turbulence have been demonstrated graphically. The normalized intensity distributions at different propagation distances are examined in detail. The influences of refractive index structure constant, beams order, wavelength on the propagation of DHGHs in turbulent atmosphere are also studied. It is found that diffraction effects are more obvious when refractive index structure constant and wavelength became larger or beams order and beams radius became smaller. We could keep the propagation distance within which the hollow region will preserve longer through the increase of the beams order n and beams radius a1.

Keywords: Atmospheric turbulence, atmospheric propagation, laser beam transmission, hollow beam, unstable resonator, ABCD optical system, Collins formula

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