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A Complete Calibration Method for a Line Structured Light Vision System
Q.C. Sun, R.Y. Liu, H.L. Zhang and Q.C. Tan

In this paper a complete calibration approach of line structured light system for three-dimensional (3-D) measurement is presented, and the method can be summarized as follows: first, the structured light plane is calibrated by using a planar target with a square black pattern; second, the scanning direction of the system is determined by using the square pattern’s corner point information simultaneously; finally, to ensure the consistency between the calibration and measurement, a recalibrated method is given, in which the parameters of the system is optimized by measuring the object to be measured. When the calibration is complete, the system can be directly used for 3-D measurement along the scanning direction, which needs not to be parallel to the object shape. The experimental results show that the method has good repeatability and accuracy.

Keywords: Laser stripe projector, line structured light, line stripe centre, measurement, calibration, scanning direction, recalibration

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