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Optimal Distribution of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Multiple Tags Based on a Support Vector Machine (SVM) and Laser Ranging
Y.S. Yu, X.L. Yu, Z.M. Zhao, J.L. Liu and D.H Wang

Dynamic performance parameters of multiple tags in radio frequency identification (RFID) system include reading efficiency, reading distance, and so on. The reading performance of multiple tags could be hardly satisfied due to existing algorithms, so the geometric distribution of multiple tags is arranged reasonably to improve the reading performance of RFID system in this paper. An online detection system based on laser ranging is designed to measure the reading distance and extract the location of RFID tags. Simultaneously, a support vector machine (SVM) is used to analyse and predict the reading distance of RFID tags under various geometric distributions. The results show that the optimal geometric distribution of tags could be obtained by analysing the predicted reading distance of tags. This method could improve the dynamic performance of multiple tags and reduce the corresponding reading error in RFID system effectively.

Keywords: Laser ranging, radio frequency identification (RFID), support vector machine (SVM), multiple tags, geometric distribution

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